June 15 TMW Post

Tweet: Plain water bottles would be appreciated as much as customized, right? #wedding #favors http://twitpic.com/1vkz23

For those that have been keeping track, I’ve been wanting to do personalized water bottles as favors for our Vegas guests. Personalized as in some design I would create. But even with the 20% off coupons I’ve got for DiscountMugs, with art work it’s figuring to be about $8 each bottle once all is said and done. During an errands run to Big Lots, I spotted orange and blue aluminum water bottles (amongst other colors) for $4 a pop! Sure, they’re not personalized, but do people really care? I may just snatch them up, make cute “thanks for coming” tags and call it a day.

I’m contemplating getting the $0.90 tote bags from CheapTotes and stuffing them with goodies including the bottles. My main issue now is how the heck do I transport it all? Mailing it to myself at the hotel? Mailing it to a friend in Vegas and hoping we get together in time to set up the bags? Send the bottles in advance to my guests? Well, the last option isn’t viable since I want them to have the bottles IN Vegas and they might forget them.

Tweet: I sorta wish I hadn’t bought our wedding rings last April… While I still love it, it’s too small on me & his is too big

Tweet: ok folks, do i send my fabu wedding ring back & spend $120 to have it sized &/or spend $25 on a simple band? he says $25, i say $120

Tweet: the matchy matchy rings: http://twitpic.com/6j3ro

Tweet: So I’m ok w/ easily dropping $200 on the #iphone4, but hesitated on an add’l $120 on my wedding ring. Talk about screwy priorities! …. Ring’s going back this week for resize/ remake. It’s going to last about 5000 times longer than the phone 🙂

Tweet: oh boy.. the remake/resize is $170. so long #iphone4 perhaps it’ll be a 3gs w/updated software instead. #ihatemoney

I know, lots of tweets, but for a very good reason. My ill-fitting ring is front and center on my mind right now. Steve’s fits well enough that it won’t fall off. Mine fits so well that it is painful to put on and take off. As in, it barely fits! Since buying my ring last April (yes, in 2009!) my finger has expanded. The ring is a US7.5 and a 7mm thick titanium band. I think I’d be happier with an 8 or 8.5. However, titanium isn’t resizable. The jeweler that made it (JewelryByJohan on Etsy) said I could send it back and he’d remake it for 60% of the price. I paid $200 for it last year, and it’s gone up considerably to $316, so 60% is $90. Holy freaking hell. I saved a boatload on airfare, hotel and clothes, but don’t want to spend it all on my wedding ring!

I did email him as I was tooling around his site and saw the exact same ring paired with a plain men’s band for $254. And on his non-etsy website, the ring is listed for $197. Hopefully I don’t sound nit-picky, but that is a crazy price increase, and an inconsistent one too.

I was looking on Etsy and Ebay for “replacement” titanium rings and can get a 3mm-4mm plain plain plain band for about $25. Bear in mind that my wedding ring was going to completely replace my e-ring. So the plain band would live all alone on my finger. Steve thinks I should get a stand-in because $190 is a lot and my original ring might end up fitting again.

What would you do?


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