35 Years Young

35 will be my year.

My year to get in shape.

Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.

I’ve realized that I shun New Years resolutions, but maybe I should make Birthday resolutions instead. So for this year, I will make my resolutions to be a better person. And not just that, but to be like a duck where problems and meanness rolls right off my back. Oh, and also for looking calm on the surface and paddling like mad under the water.

Mentally I am going to get into a better place. I am going to get a job and use my brain power (and my Masters degree!) fully.

Physically I am going to get fit, to feel better about myself, to look awesome in the bridesmaids dress in March.

Emotionally I need to be that duck and let things roll off my back and out of my head. Honestly, it is my emotional state that needs the most work.

Maybe then, and only then, will we be truly ready to have a family and welcome 2 little ones into our home. A home of our own where we don’t rely on anyone else.

Also, I am going to push AVON as much as I can without being a pain. Yes, I love the stuff. Yes, I use the stuff. But I also know that not everyone does. Oops, I never did make a post about selling. It’ll come eventually as I’m still figuring out my groove with it all.
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One comment on “35 Years Young

  1. stephanie bukowski

    you can do it! also, i love the duck analogy.

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