Do the… ‘Do (ha!)

Ok ladies, I need some help. We are on a crazy tight budget for our wedding and I’m planning on doing my own hair and make-up for the ceremony. Since it’s a Vegas wedding, it’s very low key. I am forever putting my hair up, no matter how it’s styled, so I figure best to start with it up. Also, I want an updo as I have knit my wedding veil and want to wear it hooked below the ‘do.

Tonight I purchased Spin Pins and a ton of bobby pins. Can you suggest your favorite easy to explain updo?

After a quick search, I like the following styles, but I don’t know how easy they’ll be to replicate or if they’ll look good with my veil…

Image Source

Image source

Link to source, which is actually a tutorial for her hair

And as a treat, what my hair looks like with the Spin Pins and my gorgeous hair comb.

2 above pictures courtesy of my terrible iphone cam


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