One Year Later

Here’s a disclaimer for you… I wrote this long, beautiful, tear-worthy post 2 nights ago. Then I updated my blog without backing it up and lost the post. I also lost the last 18 months of posts, changes, etc, but thanks to GoDaddy, that stuff is all back. The amazing post, lost. Forever.

I will eventually attempt to re-create it.

But for now, I will write about a beautiful woman that my children will never meet. My grandmother.




She was an awesome lady and I miss her terribly.

She was my last living grandparent – Steve’s too – so our children will never have great grandparents. I still have 3 great aunts on my mom’s side and who know what family I have on my father’s side – he has no known blood family. And unless my brothers have kids, they won’t have any cousins they’ll see on a regular basis either. We have 4 nephews on Steve’s side. I’ve met 2 of them once, and the other 2 I will likely never meet.

But alas, family. I feel for my kids for never having known this cool lady. She was a world traveler, professional ballroom dancer, Realtor, hotel owner (on South Beach no less!). She vacationed in Cuba, rode camels in Egypt, and lived in the same house my mom grew up in to the very end.

The list of her accomplishments is long and distinguished…
– Civic leader and community activist.
– Pioneering member of Temple Beth Am in Kendall
– Past president of Coral Division of NCJW
– Active member of GMJF
– Founder at Miami Jewish Home
– Concert Association and Cancer Link
– Loyal member of the board and dinner committee of the Theodore R.Gibson Memorial Fund
– Business woman
– Hotel owner
– Partner with Fashion designer the late Raoul Arango
– Assistant district Sales Manager for Keyes Company
– Mentor to many young realtors
– Competitive ball room dancer in her spare time

Mimi Abel | October 5, 1920 – May 9, 2012


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