Lack of Adoption Books

We were at Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon and I brought a whole stack of mommy and daddy books to the table to flip through. Every time I mentioned “my kid..” I would get choked up. Eventually Steve stopped LSAT prep (I know, I’m a bad influence) and was flipping through the books too and we were both reading from them.

Sadly, B&N only had 1 adoption book and it was about adopting an infant internationally. Yeah, Doesn’t help me. I’m actually quite surprised that there aren’t more. I didn’t even find Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos – and one of my very favorite non-fiction books – in the adoption section. It’s pretty pathetic that the typically 2-3 adoption titles are crammed in with the pregnancy, child birth and raising your child books. What about the “I got a 5-6-7-8-etc year old child and need to know what to do” book? Where are they?

Maybe I should write one. Or at least, keep a fairly consistent blog for a few months before I debate getting in that far over my head.


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