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I previously mentioned my wanting to make a blanket for our child. Well, I totally am! After much discussion with friends, I selected pale grey, deep brown and teal yarn. My pattern was either going to be blocks or a slightly nerdier Fibonacci sequence.

My nerdiness won.

There is even a spreadsheet. It calculates the number of rows and percentages.

I anxiously awaited the arrival of the yarn…

Then cast on and started knitting…

Then realized that I didn’t like the first brown striping, but didn’t feel like ripping back several rows…

And now, here we are, 13.3% completed

With this stitch (knitting every row) this blanket is going to be extremely long. My goal is for it to be at least 24″ wide, but it’s looking like it’ll be wider. The estimated 36″ long is way off. At 22 rows, it was already 6″ unstretched and about 7″ stretched.

This 256 row thing might have to be rethought out… I may cut it off after the last rounds of teal. We’ll see.

This is my project page on Ravelry for the Fletchling’s blanket.

And yeah, want something of your very own?


I happily take on commissioned projects!


4 comments on “Blankie Progress Post

  1. Katie

    This is positively gorgeous — love the colors.
    I happened upon your blog in BlogHer and have been reading for a few months. This may seem like a random question, but since you appear to be a knitting afficionado, here goes:
    My Nana knitted me an afghan eons ago that’s a) in serious disrepair and b) needing to be cleaned. Does one bring afghans to a dry cleaners? Wash in machine on gentle? Appreciate the advice. 🙂

    1. Becca

      Hi Katie.. Thanks! And welcome 🙂 I always love hearing from my readers.

      How bad is the disrepair? If you want to fix it and are handy with a needle and thread, I would suggest grabbing some embroidery thread or a similar yarn color and a thick needle and patching it that way. As far aw washing it, I personally wouldn’t take it to the dry cleaner. Do you have any clue at all what kind of yarn it is? Not likely if it’s so old, but if you can find out, I can try to see how to wash it. The best way without knowing about the yarn is to handwash it. If you have a deep sink or a big bucket that will hold it and enough water to wash it, then you can do it yourself. Think tie dying but without the colorful mess. The colors might run, but you can use vinegar to set it first.

      Personally, I would go to Michael’s, AC Moore or try to find a local yarn shop in your area and ask them for Kookaburra, Eucalan or another soap specific for yarn. The LYS might actually be a good resource in figuring out what kind of yarn it is. Chances are it’s acrylic which is machine wash and dryable, but if it’s not, you could damage the blanket.

      Good luck!

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