30 Days: Day 10 An inspiration

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I’m not really sure what my inspiration would be. I have aspirations, but not that many inspirations.

I am, however, inspired by a lot of the people I am friendly with on Twitter. The folks that own their own businesses be it wedding planning, photography, Etsy sellers, consulting or anything else. It is inspiring to see that hard work and perseverance really can pay off. I single that venue out since I am always seeing them posting about their schedules, specials, and clientele.

One day I want to open and run a yarn store. The problem is in the funding. I have a huge student loan debt from my recently completed MBA degree. Like huge enough that I’ll be paying it off even after my children have graduated from college. My job situation is dismal. Don’t get me wrong, I have a job which is more than a lot of people can say. The problem is it is a very part time job and I cannot pay all my bills. It’s freaking me out to say the least.

But that’s not what this post is about, that comes into play on Day 21, so be sure to keep reading. Oh look, my aspirations are the last day. Y’all have that to look forward to at least.

I am also crazy inspired by the uber talented knitters and fiber designers I see online. Every time I knit something, it gets rave reviews, but I’m totally amateur compared to these talented ladies.* Even the personal blogs and test knitting communities on Ravelry are chock full of insane talent. Granted, I only learned to knit about 4 years ago, but I want someone to rave about my knitting talent. My veil is my single greatest knitting accomplishment to date. I revel in that.

So, what inspires you? I bet it’s harder to think of then you might think.

Sorry this one is so lightweight. I guess I’m just not inspired by much. =)

*Sure, men knit, but they’re few and far between in my world.


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