30 Days: Day 12 What’s in your bag

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I currently am using a Coach Signature Soho bag I bought at the Coach Outlet in Pittsburgh 2 years ago. It’s great because it’s roomy inside and has a pocket on the outside as well. I tried to find a picture online but it’s so old and off-off-off-season that I couldn’t even find it on EBay.

The outside pocket has all sorts of paperwork. There is an envelope with Vegas papers for our guests (monorail stops, bus/ shuttles stops, show info, etc), a sample of the wedding invite/ RSVP card for envelope buying, a sewing pattern for the Vegas welcome bags, the service receipt from Kendall Hyundai for Luna’s service, and a handful of credit card receipts.

The inside zipper pocket has Orbit Sweet Mint BigPak, the double mirror Jules gave me for my birthday last year, my iPod shuffle and headphones, and the “this is an authentic Coach bag” flyer thingie.

The main area has a Vera Bradley zipper pouch with pens, fine tip Sharpies (purple, green and black), and a bunch of lip glosses and Burt’s Bees lip balm. There is also my butter yellow mini Signature Coach change purse which has all my credit cards, license, insurance cards, and change. Also in the change purse are 2 good luck Chinese coins. When I’m out and about, my keys are also in the main area. The iPhone is almost always in my pants pocket so it’s easily accessible. On work days when dad drives, I have a sandwich baggie containing my latest knitting project with the pattern and a pen to keep track of my rows.

What’s in your bag? Do you keep it organized in pouches like me or is everything just thrown in there?


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