Cupcakes… Check!

As a follow up to the Help Us Pick Flavors, Please! post, I ordered the cupcakes! As a reminder, we’re having a 6″ cake to use for cake cutting pictures and a few dozen mini cupcakes.

Our 6″ cake will be Red Carpet a la “honey, which was your favorite Retro flavor?” “red [carpet], get that as the cake”

Red Carpet

There will be 3 dozen mini cupcakes as we’re having at most 7 guests. Initially I wanted 4 dozen, but as is, each person will be able to eat or take home 4 minis. But anyhow, we’re having 1 dozen cinnamon toast, 1 dozen pink lemonade, and 1 dozen milk and cookies. I contemplated the final dozen being red carpet, but Kari (one of the FAB owners) said definitely milk and cookies. She sold me with “it has the cutest little cookie on top” – oh yes, tiny cookies make me melt.

Cinnamon Toast Pink Lemonade Milk & Cookies
Above pictures are from Retro Bakery‘s website

So picture these all set up on our little cupcake tower. It’s being painted at the moment. I bought a disposable one at Wal-mart and am painting it gold to match our cake topper. And by the way, glossy shine aside, it’s finished!


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  1. Meredith

    Nice to know the flavors have been chosen. The tiny cookie really is quite charming — such a cute idea! And the topper is coming along beautifully. I can’t believe the big day is nearly here already! Before you know it, you’ll be sharing pictures of the joyous event.

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