30 Days: Day 18 Your favorite birthday

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I don’t remember many of my childhood birthdays. I mean, I remember Carvel or Publix cakes with weird things on them, balloons, presents and friends. But aside from that, I couldn’t tell you which one was a particular favorite. The one 33 years and 362 days ago was pretty special as that was my BIRTHday.

A few years ago I spent some time in Amelia Island for my birthday, but it was more than a month after my birthday, so does that count? It was great splurging on vacation foods (stuff I’d never spend on at home) and shopping and, of course, being on an island!

This year’s will be pretty special too. It hasn’t happened yet, but it might just be a favorite! My friend Xine and her adorable daughter, PJS, are coming down from Tampa to spend the weekend with us. I am crazy excited! They’ll be arriving sometime Thursday night after Steve’s at work, but that’s ok cuz we can catch up and have girl time! Friday while he’s sleeping after work, I figure we’ll hang around Miami and explore the touristy things I’ve never really done. There’s Pennekamp state park, Larry & Penny Thompson Park, Matheson Hammock, Fairchild Botanical Gardens, Parrot Jungle, Monkey Jungle, Zoo Miami, and so many other places. Ok, things I haven’t done in forever!

Saturday, Steve has a class until noon, but if we pick him up from school and head down, we can be at Marathon Key by around 2pm to hang out and play on the beach. Sunday, before they leave, we can head back to the Keys to play on the beach some more.

Perfect, low-key, pretty much free (save some entrance fees), and just plain FUN!

Oh yes, Thursday can’t arrive soon enough.


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  2. Chanele

    Sounds perfect! I love the Keys. Soooo far away now. 🙁

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