30 Days: Day 20 Your morning routine

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My morning routine varies depending on which day of the week it is. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are late days into work. Tuesdays and Thursdays are early days. And weekends are just plain lazy days.

My routine begins at night when, thanks to a screwy sleep schedule, I’m typically up working on design work or wedding stuff, mindlessly watching TV or job hunting until about 2am. Smart, eh? It’s also when I catch up on Psych, Covert Affairs, Teen Mom and other shows I’m totally hooked on.

Whatever the day, it’s the iPhone alarm (or 2) in my ear (literally) for 30-40 minutes. Then getting up to put Lola outside, drop food in both pet bowls and flip the TV on (to USA or TNT) as I’m puttering around. Then pick out clothes, shower, brush teeth and pick out jewelry. Right before I leave the house, I grab a Dentibone, watch Lola jump and spin in a frenzy then race over to her crate. My dog sure does love her Dentibone’s!

On my late mornings, this isn’t a problem as I don’t have to be at my dad’s other job to meet and drive into Coral Gables together until noon. Steve gets home from work between 9:15-9:30am, by which time I’ve usually put Lola out, fed Phoenix then went back to bed. Leave me alone, I’m lazy and like my sleep.

The early mornings aren’t really that early. I typically am in the shower when Steve gets home so I can be out of the house by about 10am. Oh who am I kidding, it’s usually 10:30am. These days I stop at Starbucks on my way in IF there is either a free coffee coupon in my hot little hand or if there’s plenty of cash on my Starbucks gold card. Yes, I said gold card. I drink that much Starbucks!

Weekends are glorious since Steve and I finally have the same weekends off. Sort of. He works Thursday night, so sleeps much of the day on Friday, but at least we have 2 nights and a full day to spend together. I live for our weekends together since we see so little of one another during the week days.

What does your schedule and morning routine look like? Are you one of those people that wakes up early on the weekends due to consistency?

Only 10 more days of these posts left. Are you bored of me yet? =D


5 comments on “30 Days: Day 20 Your morning routine

  1. Christine

    I manage to get out the door with my kid 20 minutes after I roll out of bed! I be quick like lightning!

    1. msrib

      I’m lazy like that! Also showering in the morning makes me wake up even if it does sap up some of my time. You feel free to sleep in and be lazy THIS WEEKEND!!

  2. Marie

    Weekdays if I am working that day: up at 5am, pee and get used to the bright light in the bathroom and being awake. Shower, dry my hair, pick some scrubs, eat breakfast, gather my work stuff, phone and name tag and out the door by 6:25 or 6:30am.
    Weekdays not working: wake up usually non later than 8:30. Computer time, clean the kitchen,school work, etc.



  3. Chanele

    I have trouble sleeping in general, so for me to sleep until 10 is considered “really late.” Andrew’s alarm often goes off for an extended time (like this morning, although he is not up but I am), and that pretty much ruins any chance for me to get sleep. I prefer to shower at night because I am weird like to “feel clean” when I sleep, so that saves a little time in the morning, but usually I am up with extra to spare. Of course, this semester I drew the late starting section (it was a totally random assignment), so the earliest I have to be at school any day is 10:30. 😛

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