Happy Birthday to Me!

18 months old

Today is my birthday (woop woop!) and I’m 34 years old. No, I’m not awake at 5:25am, I scheduled this post for my time of birth. For many years my mother would call me at 5:25am (like a crazy person) and tell me that I was born. I think she thought she was funny.

Anyhow, here’s to the many hours of labor my mom went through exactly 34 years ago. Thanks for not giving up on me and for giving me at least one sibling that I like.

Today will be a good day.
It has to be!

edited at 11:45am to say that my mom told me (at 9am) that had I not said I’d be up until around 2am, she would have called at 5:25am… She’s so predictable!


3 comments on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Joe Novara

    Hi Rebecca,

    I hope things are going well in Florida. Have a very Happy Birthday.



  2. Chanele

    What an adorable photo! I am thankful for being born in the afternoon because my mom would probably call like yours did. 🙂

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