Why do the holidays arrive earlier every year?

Is it just me or do the winter holidays arrive earlier every year? I may not celebrate Christmas, but I do put up a tree. (don’t judge) I thought the “acceptable” time frame to put up the tree was the weekend after thanksgiving.. You know, after spending the day shopping during Black Friday.

This afternoon, November 23, I witnessed the building of what I thought was a cool little tiki in the middle of Coral Gables. After posting the picture to twitter and Facebook, I was told that it’s for the nativity scene that particular restaurant/ hotel puts up every year. Really? It’s still November.

Granted, the holiday of my upbringing, Chanukkah begins on December 1st, but it’s not a commercialized holiday. Our little menorah sits in the window and you get 8 days of gifts. In my family they were always useful things like socks, clothes other stuff like that. Every so often we got fun stuff, but it was definitely a practical holiday for my family.

Having married a Protestant, our kids will be celebrating both Christmas and Chanukkah and can decide on their religious paths when they’re old enough.

Did you marry someone with a different religious background? How do you handle the holidays between visiting families and with kids, if you have any?


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