Productive Day & Opening a Business?

Today was very productive in my world.

* I created a logo for my friend Kelly’s church group’s event. It’s super cute and pending the next set of edits.

* I did loads of research for sheep farms. Yep, totally random! Hubby and I started talking about where we want to be in 5 years and what we wanted to have accomplished. Having a sheep farm would be pretty damn amazing for so many reasons, and also because…

* I registered the domain name for my YARN SHOP! While I may not be a really experienced knitter having only been crafting goodies since late 2006, it is still a passion of mine. Nothing would make me happier than having my own yarn shop.

One day, eventually, the Fletcher’s will be the proud owners of Sheep 2 Skein Yarn Shop in a state yet to be determined, but definitely somewhere up north.

Sure, owning our own business will certainly take a lot of capital, which is also why the sheep farm would be helpful. Shearing sheep for wool apparently makes a decent amount of money. Sure sure, a sheep farm costs a crapload of money too. We have quite a few things to sort out.

Also, owning a business will make my life super flexible for having kids once we find a really reliable manager and staff.

In a perfect world, right? Well, at least I bought the domain. LOL


4 comments on “Productive Day & Opening a Business?

  1. Joelle

    Count me in among one of your farm hands. I’m good with animals and not afraid of mucking out winter feeding stalls and de-worming sheep bums and all that stuff.

    I’m serious. Count me in.

  2. Sarah Nelson

    Um, yeah. If that “up north” includes New England, count me in too. My crocheting needs will be happily met. 😉

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