January Reception on my Mind.. Among Other Things

We’re closing in on the January reception pretty quickly. As of today, we’re about 5 weeks out.

Over the weekend, I started a list of things I want to price check, such as the disposable plates, cups and flatware, the paper lanterns, string lights, and favors. Good thing is, the Christmas clearance sales will be a few weeks prior so I’ll be able to pick up a few dozen twinkle lights for dirt cheap.

Tonight I was debating between Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms. They’re both chocolate, so chances are it’ll come down to price. I found both on Amazon, free shipping and no tax, so that’s an option if we can’t find them locally. Also, the containers – 2” square, cones, or organza bags – was researched and all can be found on eBay for a song! While the cones are adorable, they’ll only work if I end up with M&Ms as the Kisses will only fit 3 or 4 at most. The 2” boxes max out at 11 Kisses, but I don’t know about the bags. I want favors to have enough chocolate, but not too much.

Hey, at least they’re delicious favors and not something that’ll get thrown in a drawer or stuck on a shelf to collect dust.

We also need to decide on the food, desserts, music, and everything else. Dad has a good rental place for tables and chairs that he uses for a lot of events here. The music is most likely going to be iPod music for background noise.

Food? We’re thinking Pollo Tropical, a bunch of desserts both homemade and store-bought, Publix cake is a given. Umm, yeah I don’t know what else. I know it’ll all work out in the end.

I’m really excited about this party as there are a lot of family members that we haven’t seen in AGES coming in for it, but I also cannot wait for it to be over. I kinda feel like it’s keeping me tied here.

Steve wants to stay for a while so we can pay off/ down our debt, but the job market is horrendous here. For me. He has a job. I wish my aunt had enough work for me to make 40 hours every week instead of every 2 weeks.

I recently updated my LinkedIn profile to denote that I’m doing a nationwide search, not that I think it’ll help. We’ll see. I also started look at alternative options like Teach for America and AmeriCorps. If nothing else, I can do all my research for my yarn store while we’re still living here.

Not having the best day. Sorry for ending this post on kinda a downer note.


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  1. Chanele

    Americorps and programs like that are really great! The money is almost nothing, but it’s great experience and a good deed rolled into one. 🙂 I hope that you find something that works for you. It is frustrating to see how bad things have been for you since you got to Miami. 🙁

    At least you have the great reception to look forward to! It sounds absolutely amazing, and I am sad I can’t make it. Even with a long weekend, we’d spend a whole day flying (each way). 🙁

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