First [Non-Cash] Wedding Gift!

beccablogsWhy yes, we did get married 2 months ago. But that doesn’t mean we got any presents then. When you essentially elope – even though the whole Facebook/ Twitter world knew about it – you get no presents. We also weren’t expecting any. Duh.

Our “wedding reception” is in just over a month. Holy cow, that’s soon! Our registry is finally getting some notice, and stuff being bought.

Yesterday afternoon, my mom called to ask if I had ordered anything as she saw a big box inside our fence. Upon further inspection, it was a Bed Bath & Beyond box and, according to the Fedex label, weighed 29 pounds. Being the registry stalker that I am, I knew exactly what it was… only I was wrong.

The problem begins with Fedex’s complete disregard for fragile packages and customer service. We live on a large piece of land with lots of animals and have a fence going around our entire property – like everyone else in Homestead. This fence is electric and without the remote, you can’t get in. long ago, Fedex and UPS decided to not even bother honking to let us know a package is here and to just chick it over the fence. But hey, at least they put the boxes in a plastic bag in case it rains.

So, yeah, 29lb box sitting inside our fence wrapped in a bag. I suspected what it contained and was terrified that it was broken. When I got home from work, I lugged it back to our house and proceeded to open it.

My wedding present, and mom was excited to open it too. Nice.

Without further ado…

hmmm... what could it be??

The kids didn't care, they were otherwise occupied by the plastic bag and a bowl of water.

Ahhhhh! KitchenAid Stand Mixer! (insert hyperventilation here)

Mmmmmm Pretty *pet pet pet*

My family, they're awesome! <3

And what's this? A surprise gift! Gorgeous flatware.

That’s right, the coveted KitchenAid Stand Mixer is mine! Errm, I mean ours.

Right right, ours.. there’s a husband here! He actually does cook quite a lot, but I have a feeling that I’ll be using this baby more between baking bread, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, etc etc etc.

When I said I was wrong about about knowing exactly what was in the box, it’s because I had no idea they’d bought us the flatware too!

I called to thank my aunt and she said she knew how much I wanted the mixer, but the flatware was so we have “no excuse to sit down to eat dinner together with [our] matching flatware.” Love her!

So there it is, our first non-cash wedding gifts. Now to get our thank you cards from @OvernightPrints so we can deposit the checks and send the thank you notes!


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