Reception Location

Picture it: Lush green open space, swaying palm trees, hanging orchids and bromeliads, candles and bunches of carnations in a fishbowl on all the tables, and twinkle lights and paper lanterns as far as the eye can see.

That is the vision I have for our reception. In this space, which is to the left of my parents house. My father has been landscaping and cleaning up the area for a few weeks now. They had a holiday party last night in this area.

I just love all the gorgeous land my parents have and that my father has a real eye for landscaping. No wonder where I got my creativity from! Only mine comes in the form of graphic design and knitting. 🙂

Whatcha think? What do you picture when you see this raw open space?


2 comments on “Reception Location

  1. Sarah Nelson

    Definitely make use of all those trees by hanging lanterns. The effect will be gorgeous. Space out the tables so no one is crowded. Maybe set them up surrounding the dance floor? Also LED tea lights in the bowls with the flowers will cast some light on the tables as well.

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