South Floridian Looking for Admin Job.. Help?

OK, truth time. I need a job. Pretty desperately. Yes, I have a part-time job 3 days a week and average about 20-22 hours per week. So for a pay period, I make what I used to make in 1 week. Ouch.

So we have this “plan” for me to get a job… any job [that I’m willing to do] for a few months while I continue applying all over the country. I hate Miami. I feel like a teenager living here full of hatred for this city waiting to escape it. I can’t really explain why, I just hate it. I never went out partying, and never wanted to. I don’t drink [since I was 19] or do drugs [never touched any] or anything else. And that’s not just about living like I’m pregnant, I was never interested in drugs or losing control like when I used to drink.

Tangent, what?

I know it’s horrible to take a job knowing you’ll only be at it for a few months, but I just can’t see us living here very long. I’ve been looking all over the country, with focuses on Austin, DC, Madison, and a few other places. The good thing about DC is all the government jobs. The bad thing is how long and seemingly ambiguous their application process is.

Right now I’m looking for an administrative job. Something in the admin assistant range. We just need the money. My current job is making it really difficult to pay the bills. Steve has been footing the majority of the bills lately and lemme tell ya, it’s a horrible feeling. Sure I’d like to be a stay at home mom one day, but only IF we can actually afford it. And even then, it’d be to home-school our kids.

How can you help, blog friends? If you know anything in the Miami area in an administrative capacity, preferably something temporary, could you please let me know? Yes, I have an MBA, but at this point, I just need some extra money to pay bills. I’ll worry about using my degree later on. Please post, RT and spread this post as far as you can in South Florida. I will love you forever! And if your lead lands me a job, I’ll send you something yummy made especially for you!



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  2. stephanie

    I highly recommend a temp agency! My current and last jobs were through one, and then you dont have to feel bad about leaving after a few months. They pay pretty decent and you usually find something quickly.

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