April 13 TMW Post

Disclaimer: For all y’all not following my wedding planning antics over on TweetMyWedding Tuesdays, I’ll try to remember to post them all here.¬† Unfortunately I’ve been seriously lagging at that and so there’s going to be in flux… apologies!

Tweet: whoa, i’m getting married 6 months from today.

Tweet: http://twitpic.com/1f3x3v – So cute! Have to try on. #wedding

Tweet: Getting swatches that match my wedding veil (@ David’s bridal) http://4sq.com/bpFlKX

This past week has been utterly consumed with packing and moving and finishing up my grad school papers. Our move to Miami is about 85% complete with my darling fianc√© already down there. He took our huge truck full of almost all our worldly possessions on Friday and has been spending the last few days hanging out with my parents, brothers and rest of my awesome family. He’s coming back on Tuesday on the train to clean and pack up the rest and drive down with me and our pets.

April 10 marked the 6 month countdown to my wedding day. Holy shnikes! 6 months. Seriously, wasn’t it just like 2.5 years? Well, technically this date wasn’t set when we got engaged 2.5 years ago. But we did set the date, in stone, about 14 months ago when we put down the deposit and started booking everything in Vegas.

Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I went out and messed with dress stuff. Namely, I took my veil to David’s Bridal and, with the help of an awesome sale woman, picked out matching swatches. Not only that, but we but agreed that Cornflower would make both the veil stand out and my bright blue eyes pop out. I have a few selections of dresses I want to try on after the move when I actually have time. I am fairly certain that no matter how much I want a truly unique dress; I will end up getting one from David’s. This is mostly due to the fact that I do have a credit card there with a huge limit. Right now, these are my top contenders, and possibly some of the separates. I definitely need to try them on, even though the second one is an online only style.

Both images courtesy of David’s Bridal


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