Designing our Holiday Cards

Tonight I decided to spend my down time after Thanksgiving dinner festivities working on our holiday cards, thank you cards, and a few photo books on Shutterfly. I have a few coupon codes, plus all our pictures – professional, mine and Cathy’s – were all uploaded to Shutterfly, so it’s about time to work on them. My biggest problem is picking which pictures to use! There are so many great pictures between the wedding day itself and our Trash the Dress session 2 days later. Jessie and Jason Emeric took some truly phenomenal pictures of us laughing and having a grand time and I have a strong feeling that their pictures will be on both the thank you and holiday cards.

This pictures is another possibility as it’s one of my fave from the wedding day itself. Tough decisions!

I’m still awaiting the disc from Emeric, which hopefully will arrive soon as our free book code expires on November 30th!

When you make holiday cards, do you use their templates and pop pictures in or do you upload a full design? I typically have been uploading my own design whenever I make cards of any type, but the ones in Shutterfly are actually super cute!

Also, for those still awaiting the Trash the Dress pictures, I will post them once they arrive! I don’t want to post the slide show as there’s a few I didn’t like how I looked in them, so y’all will just have to wait a bit longer. =D


3 comments on “Designing our Holiday Cards

  1. Chanele

    We’ve been going back and forth on this. He said we should just use a photo of us from the wedding, but I’ve read in a few places that wedding photos are not appropriate for holiday cards (especially months after the wedding – yours is a little closer). We have hardly any photos of us together, and I have no idea when I’ll get the time for one. Gah! I am glad I am not alone in thinking about this so much!

    1. msrib

      It is a tough call. I mean, your wedding wasn’t that long ago. But hey, maybe taking a few outside now while it’s snow-pretty with Napoleon. See if you can get a friend to snap a bunch? I can’t wait to see whatever y’all pick! 🙂

  2. Chanele

    Oh! Comment part two! I just went through the blog on the photographer’s site and found where you were on there. You looked gorgeous! I can’t wait to what you choose. You have so many good options 🙂

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