I Miss Snow and Cold Weather

I have an itch… to get out of Florida and back to the cold weather. Seriously, I hate it here. It has been in the 80s all week. Some may find that dreamy, but I find it to be the worse possible thing ever. It’s the holidays for Pete’s sake! I demand cold/ see your breath weather for months on end! I demand the smell of snow in the air and the anticipation of waking up to a light dusting in the mornings. I even demand icy windshield’s that make me late for work because I forgot to leave early enough to scrape it off.

I want to wear sweaters, thick socks, scarves and cute hats that I’ve knit up. Honestly, even though I made fun of them, I’d even wear Uggs… that is if I won a pair. I want to have my knitting mojo back! Seriously, the desire to knit is so freaking low that I can barely stand it. But that’s not the only reason I want to live in a cold climate again. The only real way my sheep farm will work is in a cold climate. The colder the weather, the more wool will grow and the more yummy yarn I’ll eventually have.

Oh, by the way, I was totally doing my research at Barnes & Noble yesterday and reading Barnyard in your Backyard. It was a good beginner’s guide to raising several breeds of animals, including sheep, geese, and rabbits. The biggest issue is finding a place warm enough for the ducks and geese and cold enough for the sheep to grow excesses of wool. I did learn that it wouldn’t take acres and acres of space for these animals too. They don’t need hundreds of acres, just enough for grazing, shelter and frolicking. We might even be able to do is on 10 acres to begin with. The hardest part is picking the location because then it’s a whole lot more research and finding funding.

Sigh. One day my dream will come true. Sheep2Skein, here I come!


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    1. msrib

      I dunno.. gotta check the weather! 🙂 No income tax states are definitely top priority 😉

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