Biological Clock Made Worse by 16 & Pregnant

I have a not-so-secret vice. I love 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. The girls on Teen Mom are like “friends” of mine to the point that Steve and I talk about them on a somewhat regular basis when something similar happened in our lives. OK, not so regularly, but you know what I mean.

This season I’ve only sorta watched 16 & Pregnant, but when I saw that tonight’s episode was 90 minutes AND about adoption, I knew I had to watch. I have never cried during a show more then during this one. I can’t even imagine how difficult a decision putting your child up for adoption was for a 16 year old, but wow. Ashley handled herself quite well and, in the end, she made the right decision for her baby. The good thing is her family adopted the baby so seeing her was easier than for Caitlyn and Tyler.

It’s no secret that we want to adopt. We’ve been discussing it a lot more recently. I don’t know when it will happen or how many we will have biologically before starting the process. We have also said that it doesn’t matter how many children we end up with and how they arrived (adoption vs biologically), we will love them all individually. I truly don’t understand why someone would fight for a child to adopt and make a member of their family only to push them aside bc they have a child biologically.

I sprained my ankle last Sunday and while I desperately needed to take pain pills and pain relievers, I was really hesitant to do so. The possibility of my being pregnant is pretty slight, but I still don’t want to risk it. Am I insane? Yes. But I also know what medication can do to a fetus so early on. Instead I keep it up as much as I can and keep an ice pack on it. 3 days ago a big bruise surfaced on the outside of my heel. This morning I noticed more bruising at the base of 4 of my toes. Sexy. But yet, I won’t take pain meds of any kind.

Yes, I’m that worried. I’m 34 years old and never had a [real] pregnancy scare. I track everything with an iPhone app and am heavily considering buying a basal body thermometer to really track things. The last few days I’ve had a low-grade fever, but sort of wonder if it was simply ovulation. Who knows. I’m not up on all that stuff yet since we aren’t “trying” to get pregnant right now. We’re not not trying either, but that’s besides the point.

In a perfect world we would have insurance and be able to support a baby and all costs associated with a pregnancy. In reality, breastfeeding and cloth diapers will remove a big chunk of costs for the first few months.

So much to think about and do before we can get pregnant or start the adoption process.


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  1. Marie

    I have a basal thermometer and it freaks out my husband when I use it in the morning because it beeps continously while in use(about a minute). I have this book that my friend recomended to me which among other things describes what to look for as far as changes in your body when you ovulate. It’s called Taking Charge of your fertility.

    I got mine at Here’s a link:

    Check it out.

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