Relaxing Weekend & A Big Decision

Hello dear blog friends! I hope y’all had a wonderful family and friend filled holiday weekend. Ours was pretty low-key as we didn’t travel anywhere. Friday night we went to my brother’s girlfriends’ family’s house to celebrate Nochebuena. Never before had I been to a pig roast and it was a lot of fun – as all their parties are – and the food was amazing. Certainly not for the vegetarians out there. We had loads of pork, boiled yucca, black beans, rice, salad, fruit, veggies and tons and tons of desserts. On Saturday, we slept super late, met with my parents about party logistics (post later today), then went to visit my cousins from DC and their ridiculously adorable 16 month old daughter.

We also made the decision to try to conceive (TTC) and, regardless of our child situation, we will begin the adoption process in 2 years. We do still want a lot of kids. The adopting will be a child (or sibling pair) no younger than about 5 or 6 years old. We want time to bond with them, but don’t necessarily want to adopt babies. There’s so many older kids also needing homes and we want to help them.

There was also lots of job searching, a tentative decision to focus on a few select areas of the country to move too, did about 843 loads of laundry, and baked a ton!

I hope your weekend was fantastic as well!


7 comments on “Relaxing Weekend & A Big Decision

    1. msrib

      You know me.. I know having a plan! See you in a few weeks!!

  1. Rebecca Fille

    Check with channel 10 on the adoption issue. A very good friend of ours adopted two brothers about 5 years ago they were 4 & 8 at the time I believe through DCF but they were featured on channel 10 and they do alot of work with DCF. The boys are doing wonderfully now but remember adopting kids out of the system can be very tough, they come with alot of issues 🙂 good luck and it was wonderful seeing you and Steve again.

    1. msrib

      Ooh thanks for the tip! I have a friend that works for the state with adoption, etc and I’m fully planning on using her expertise when it’s time to start the process. It was great seeing all y’all again as well. 🙂

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