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Old Friends, New Opportunities

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Yesterday was really rough for me. It started off on the bad foot, but turned around into a potentially amazing opportunity. I’m not going to say more about this opp until I hear something else about it. The outcome will be finalized in less than 2 weeks so one way or other it’ll be posted here. =D When I told Steve about it, he was pretty excited. OK, once he woke up and comprehended what I said he was. Poor guy has a messed up sleep schedule most days from his job and unwillingness to miss out on his life by sleeping.

It really helped a lot to text most of the day with my friend Marie. We’re in similar situations and wanting to make a change and she was an awesome friend and cheerleader today. Thanks Marie!

Today I am having lunch with one of my college roommates, her husband and their 4-month old little beauty. I haven’t seen Vic in what feels like forever and they happen to be in town for a few days from Ohio. It couldn’t have worked out better! Our last meeting was when I was living in Gainesville, part 2, and she came to my job to print up some stuff for their upcoming wedding. We had so much fun living together and I think she was one of my last roomies in the house I owned. My brain is a bit fried and spotty from back then from trying to graduate. No, not from bad behaviors! I gave up drinking long before graduation and never touched any drugs to this day. Go on, be proud of me!

What was I talking about?

Right, people that make me laugh and smile and make efforts to keep in touch. They’re pretty darn awesome. I am so fortunate to have so many amazing friends.


A Little Job Hunting Humor

I feel like I’ve been job hunting non-stop for the past almost 2 years with only a handful of nibbles and one interview. It can get pretty disheartening with all that passive rejection. Only 3 of the applications sent actual rejection letters/emails. 3. Out of I don’t even know how many.

This afternoon, I cracked open The Select Group‘s monthly broadcast/ e-newsletter and found a bit of interview humor. It’s always good to laugh, especially at yourself, in these situations. Even though most of the time I just want to cry at the lack of real responses and interviews.

I applied to another job last night. I’m a little more hopeful as I have a friend that works there and used her personal referral page to apply.  Only time will tell.

Eager Beginnings

A recent college graduate interviewed for an entry-level developer position with a top technology company.

Towards the end of the interview, the hiring manager said, “If we move forward, the next step is to extend an offer. Have you thought about your target starting salary?”

The recent grad eagerly replied, “Based on my GPA and skill set, I believe $130,000 is a reasonable starting point.”  He paused and added, “Of course, that depends on your company’s benefits package.”

The hiring manager leaned back in his chair and said, “Our benefits consist of 6 weeks paid vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental for your entire family, 100% matching for your 401k contributions… and you get use of the company jet whenever you need it!”

The grad leaped out of his chair and exclaimed, “Wow! That is incredible. Are you kidding me? I never…”

The hiring manager interrupted him and said, “Settle down. Of course I am kidding with you…but you started it.”

–Tom Romano, TSG’s resident humorist


No Dice… Moving On

Well, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now due to the lack of ecstatic posts stating otherwise, I didn’t get the job in Gainesville.

However, being up there surrounded by so many amazing friends that were excited at the prospect of us moving back was a truly fantastic experience. It was pretty eye opening for both of us. Even the people that had never met hubby and only saw pictures on my FB/Twitter pages welcomed him.

It made us realize that we belonged somewhere else where we could be surrounded by friends – our chosen family – in order to be truly happy. So, while the Gainesville trip didn’t yield a new career, it did help us out immensely.

…The search continues…


Whirlwind Trip to my Favorite City, Gainesville

Gainesville | BeccaBlogs.comHello friends!

We got back home from our whirlwind trip to Gainesville around 10pm last night. We’d gone for an interview for me and some side work for my current position. Also, hubby was scouting out info on opening his own comic book shop and was talking with the owners of all the shops in town while I was interviewing and working.

That’s right, I said interview! In Gainesville! (AKA my favorite city on the planet – tied with Chapel Hill.)

The position would be a truly amazing opportunity for me. Not only is it design work, it’s a supervisor position for a team of 3. And it’s a government job. With great benefits, etc. No, I really don’t want to write more about it until I hear that I’ve gotten the job. Which is on Monday. So, yes, I’ll be obsessively checking my email and voicemail all day Monday.

Chicken eggs? Check. Basket? Check. Now stay together and hatch!

Yeah, I have super high hopes for it.

But anyhow, we drove up Thursday afternoon from Homestead to Gainesville in mostly good weather. We did have a few patches of craptastic rain where I could barely see 50′ in front of the car, but we survived just fine. That night we went to Target Copy Archer to print some resumes and references. I didn’t know anyone there that I knew, but did chat with a friend of a friend after I mentioned I’d worked there. Then dinner at Outback and then headed to Hotel Bayer (one of my best friends parents kindly let us stay) for the night. We ended up staying up and talking for hours with our gracious hosts until she finally pushed us off to bed as my interview was early Friday morning.

Friday we woke up super early, showered, got ready, and were out their door by 8am. We stopped at Starbucks along the way, then drove into town towards downtown. We found parking with about 15 minutes to spare. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself while hubby de-furred my black jacket and pants. [Damn cat hair gets everywhere!] Then I went into the interview. Yadda yadda yadda interview interview assessment assessment and done.

From there, I picked up the hubby from the comic book shop he’d walked to miles away (he did have 2 hours to kill!) and drove out to Renaissance Printing to visit with Marlene, Ben, Gina, Laura, Kristie, and Colleen. It was weird seeing all the different people that I hadn’t seen in many years, but awesome getting so many hugs. They were all so excited about the prospect of my moving back. After that, we went to Target Copy University and talked to Jennifer and Karen for a while. More hugs, happiness and excitement at my possibly moving back. While at TCU, we had lunch at Firehouse Subs, I talked to my aunt and she sent me a list of things to ask/ look for with my very first case manager gig.

Next I dropped hubby off at another comic book shop and drove out the Tacachale. I met with the social worker, flipped through AM’s file, asked lots of questions, met AM, took his picture, and took lots of notes. As my aunt said, this was like a trial by fire, feet first. And I succeeded! It was really cool to go out there and see how this population that would otherwise be drugged up and locked away somewhere was able to roam free in a completely safe and secure environment. The client I met is severely mentally retarded with several other problems and is just about as independent as he can be. He even has a job and his own house! Seriously. It was really amazing to witness.

After this bit of work, I picked up hubby, we hit up another comic book shop, then went to meet Jackie, Ella and Riley for some TCBY fro yo. Um, yum! I hadn’t seen Ella since she was an itty bitty thing and had only seen Riley in pictures. It was great to catch up with her while Steve and Ella colored. It was really cute!

From there, we met up with Mitch, Diona and all their kids. As per usual, Mitch and I started hitting, slapping and punching each other almost immediately. It was great. And so far, the bruises haven’t surfaced. Yep, we’re so very much like my brothers and I used to be many years ago. We ate, we laughed, we talked, the kids played with their phones. From there we went out to Cold Stone (along with seemingly half of Gainesville) for ice cream and more talking and laughing. As it got later and the kids started drooping, we went back to their house so the kids could get to bed and we could hang out some more. More laughing, talking, and kicking, then we left around 1:30am to head back to his parents house. Yeah, it was a reallllly long day for us.

Saturday morning, we slept pretty late then sat outside with Mitch’s dad, drinking coffee and enjoying the gorgeous day. Boy do I miss that town! Our next house will have either a front porch or a cute back yard patio. Or both. Preferably both. It was breezy and cool and just perfect. Perfect for sitting in the morning before work or unwinding after a long day. We finally decided where to have brunch, packed up our stuff and headed out. By the time we finished lunch, it’d gotten so much later then we wanted to leave so, rather than go walk around Micanopy, we got on the road back South.

We had a lot to discuss on the drive back home including more about my interview, lots of hopes and extremely tentative plans. The best part is that, while nervous, I honestly don’t need to get this job to survive. I do have an opportunity down here, even though it’s not in my field. Plus hubby is working a great job and all the experience he can get will only help him in the future. I also slept for a couple hours while he drove. Hubby driving is like my own personal concert bc he had the radio up really loud and would say the song title and band name prior to belting out any songs he knew. It was quite amusing!


A few bad things about the trip did happen. First, it was commencement weekend which meant there was a LOT more traffic and congestion than usual. We tried to avoid the UF area as much as possible, which meant I couldn’t show hubby half the stuff I wanted too. I didn’t get to see a lot of the Gainesville friends I wanted to hang out with due to scheduling conflicts, but hopefully we’ll be back very soon! Also, bc of timing, we didn’t get to see Jen and my babies, who live in Jacksonville. Unless we’d woken up super early on Saturday to drive the extra 90 minutes north, it wasn’t going to happen as the boys both had baseball games today. My mental plan to have lunch around 12-1pm with them then head back south didn’t work out. But, again, hopefully we’ll be living in North Florida again soon and can see them anytime.

Now we just cross our fingers and hope and pray. And try to stop looking at houses in Gainesville until I hear something!


Exciting News: Please send Happy Thoughts

I’m not divulging all the details other than what I’ve already posted to Facebook, but I do need all your happy thoughts, warm fuzzies, and good ju-ju!

I have been bouncing off the walls for about an hour now since receiving the much anticipated email and don’t foresee getting much more work done today. Good thing all I have to do is data entry and it’s not, ya know, brain surgery. 😉

Thanks, friends!


This is it… I’ve Found my New Job #UmNo

This is it! I’m going to drop everything and relocate my entire family for a part time job. But hey, it’s “highly paid” so worth it, yes? The answer is no…

I get stuff like this all the time. Only this time, I decided to Google the company’s name and, big surprise, a ton of other folks out there got the same email. Their actual website does show this job and another one, which is amusing, since it’s clearly a scam.

Anyone else get this gem today?


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Brit Granby <>
Date: Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 1:56 PM
Subject: vacancy assistent
To: b……


Astelion FSS Co is hiring nowadays for a part time job of Shipping Assistant.

Your main job goals will be processing ingoing dispatch, fill, scan and print extra documents.

If you are interested in this position and wish to be a highly paid worker, reply to this mail:

Thank you,
Peter Thomson
Asteli0n comp
HR Department


Operation New Life Under Way

Moving Forward | BeccaBlogs.comSeveral things have happened in the past few weeks that have pushed our timetable up considerably. Most noticeably, I’m sick of moving sideways and ready to move straight up. Ya know, when you hit rock bottom there’s only 2 ways to go: straight up or sideways. Also, getting out of Miami will be the best thing for my mental health. Being here feels like I’m drowning very slowly. More on that below..

In other words, when we’re in Orlando at MegaCon this weekend, we will also be checking out some schools for the hubby and driving around checking out different areas. I know it’s too soon to expect a job interview for Monday, but hopefully that’ll happen soon. At least now with a plan, I can focus much more on the perfect Orlando career and moving ahead with our life.

The down side is that in the off chance that I get a job quickly, we might end up living apart for a brief time. The up side to this is that we will only be a few hours apart. But we are strong and we will be able to handle it! (Honestly, we see each other so little nowadays with our opposing work/sleep schedules that it might not make much of a difference.)

Sure, being in Miami is great as we’re so near to my family, but Orlando is a very short drive up the road. At least coming to visit won’t require a 2 week minimum plane reservation to get a decent price. Hopping in the car and filling up the gas tank a few times to get back for a visit is easy peasy. Getting out of the city I swore to never return to has done some pretty hardcore damage to me over the past year. It’s almost like I’ve reverted to the girl I was when I last lived here. And I really don’t like that girl. Not one bit!

The last time I moved to Orlando, I got a new lease on life. I got rid of the girl I despised so much and became a much stronger person. This time, I will have my husband and partner-in-crime with me and things can only get better. The best part is, we both have family in Orlando and I have several friends that I made the last time I lived there. Unlike my move to NC and not knowing a single person, we will have a great base of friends right off the bat.

And let’s not forget that Orlando = Disney and I have 2 very Disney loving godsons living a mere 2 hours away from there.


Bring It On, 2011! *

Dear 2011,

You should know that I have big hopes for you!

This is our third New Years together, and our first as a married couple. The last 2 NYEs were spent at Carolina Alehouse, just the 2 of us, watching football, the ball drop, and sipping champagne out of plastic cups with silly hats on our heads. This year, we were invited to a party at a friends house, but we opted to stay home together. We had pork chops, veggies, black eyed peas and just chilled out together. And that’s all that matters.

A few years ago, I quit making resolutions. I never follow through, so why bother? For 2011, I have expectations of things I’d love to have happen during the next 12 months.

For starters, I fully plan on being a mommy during your tenure, or at least pregnant. I am fully aware that this might not happen, but a girl can dream, right? 2013 is the year we start adoption, but that’s not to say we won’t have a baby before that. As I snuggle with our 2 year old puppy, I often wonder how she will handle a human child. She is very much my baby girl and is a total lovey-dovey snugglebug. What the hell is she going to do when there is a baby on my chest sleeping and she tries to climb up there?

I also want, no, need to find a job. A full-time, full benefits, high enough paying that I can cover all my bills and half our house bills type job. Oh, and hopefully a 401K so we can start saving for our future. Oh how I can’t wait to have insurance again. And a paycheck that covers more than my insurance and car payment. I bet my creditors can’t wait for that either.

Along with this dream, I want to have a bigger kitchen and, so much more importantly, a dishwasher! We have a great set of new dishes and serving dishes and, of course, the gorgeous KitchenAid. I also want to be able to keep the house clean enough to have parties or at least friends over. Sometimes I wish we could make more friends so I could bake and cook for and plan parties.

More than anything, I’d love to get the ball rolling on my yarn shop, Sheep 2 Skein, but I’m thinking that may be a 2012-13 plan. There is a lot of research, saving, and everything else associated with opening a business and getting a stash of merchandise that I just don’t know about yet.

It would also be lovely to sharpen my knitting skills and learn to quilt and crochet. I don’t think I’ll be buying much more yarn until I actually use up the 5–ish bins of yarn I currently own. Oh who am I kidding, if I used up half of them I’d be happy with myself.

I know we want to go back to Vegas for our 1 year anniversary and travel a bit more. Plans on affording this trip are underway, which also means we’re working on repairing both our credit score. Yeah, this move has hurt us more than I care to admit.

There are so many people here to meet and several of them I am FB and Twitter friends with already. I resolve to get out and meet them! Might as well make the best of our time in SoFla, right?

There are certainly more expectations that I have for the next 12 months, but they’ll come at a later date I’m sure.

* Steve has a problem with my title, like I want 2011 to fight with me or something. Nope, I just want a better year! LOL